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Ascendomart supplies products and solutions for factories, offices, carparks, schools, shopping malls, and other similar facilities. We work with contractors and facility managers, security managers by providing reliable and cost effective solutions. We hope you find what you want from our broad range of solutions.

Physical Security Systems

Broad range of comprehensive physical security management solutions at one place.
1. access control on premise or on cloud
2. integrated CCTV & fire alarm & biometric reader
3. intercom system
4. time attendance software
5. visitor management software & APP
6. guard tour software & APP
7. standalone door controllers

T8 LED Tube

LED Lights

Isn't it great if two existing lights are replaced with one without compromising on brightness?
The RF Microwave Sensor Control helps you go even greener.
The built in battery backup saves the trouble of integrating an external power pack.
If you need Energy Efficient Project Financing, please call to ask.

People Asset Tracking

People & Asset Tracking

Movement of people & assets involve time, energy & safety.
This is costing millions of dollars to companies every day, but nothing is done to capture precise data about these movements.
Through Asset Tracking, Process Automation and Flow Analytics, we make it easy to save cost, increase productivity and improve safety.

Customizable Access Control
Visitor Management Software
Biometric Reader

LED Lights

Battery Backup

RF Microwave Control

Customized Solutions

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