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Electromagnetic Locks (EM Locks)

Electromagnetic Locks (EM Locks)

How EM Locks work

The magnetic field lock is made up of 2 components – the electromagnet, which is most of the time fixed to the doorframe, and the armature, which is normally fixed to the one-way swinging door. The electromagnet comprised of a special, steel-laminated core around, which is wound fine copper wire to form turns. Voltage normally 12V or 24V DC is applied to the ends of the wire to induce current flow through the wire. The current creates a magnetic field in the steel core, which becomes polarised. The armature is a simple strip of metal similar to the core. 

When the door is closed, with the voltage applied to the electromagnet, the armature allows for the completion of a magnetic path form the North Pole to the South Pole and this magnetic path attracts the armature to the electromagnet. Switching the applied voltage on or off secures or allows the door to swing open, respectively.

The holding force of the magnetic field lock is a function of the number of amperes flowing through the wire and the number of turns of the wire. As low voltages and current are used, many turns of wire are needed for strong fields. That is why the EM lock tends to be larger. The unique feature of these EM locks is that they have no moving parts.

Where Electromagnetic (EM) Lock is being used

Most magnetic locks (EM Locks) are commonly found on internal, access control doors, particularly interlock doors, internal fire escape doors. However, it is more common these days to find EM Locks being deployed. 

The Advantages of Deploying EM Locks

1. no moving parts

2. no keyhole or key

3. extremely reliable

4. fail-safe or fail-secure

5. does not stick or bind

6. surface-mounted

7. sliding or hinged doors

8. very little maintenance

9. very fast action

10. DC types are silent in operation

The Disadvantages of Deploying EM Locks

1. large 

2. heavy

3. costly compared to traditional mechanical lock

4. requires strong doors and frames. 

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